something beautiful...

心に美しくふれるものを求めて... something that touches your heart in a beautiful way...




リベンジ シーズン1 Part1

リベンジ シーズン1 Part2



callous (無情な) : not feeling or showing any concern about the problems or suffering of other people.
例) a callous remark/person.

deceit (偽り) : behavior that is meant to fool or trick someone.
例文) Her excuse was really a deceit(=lie).

forensic (法医学的な) : relating to the use of scientific knowledge or methods in solving crimes.
例) a lawyer's forensic skills

glib (うわべだけの) : said or done too easily or carelessly / speaking in a smooth, easy way that is not sincere.
例) glib answers / glib politicians

implicate (関係する) : to show that someone or something is closely connected to or involved in something (such as a crime).
例文) His business partner was implicated in the theft.

maternal (母の) : of or relating to a mother.
例) maternal instincts.

volatile (激しい、不安定な) : extreme or sudden change of situation or emotions.
例文) the stock market can be volatile. / a volatile temper. / a volatile woman.